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A little tips to visit Cusco

26 March 2014

Many tourist come to Cusco for many reason and always they have a lot of problems with the altitude, treks and food. By the way, this article is about tips that you may considered during your visit to Inca City.

Keep in Mind...

  • Acclimate with coca tea Surpassing 11,000 feet, Cusco's steep elevation takes some getting used to. Combat altitude sickness with mate de coca, a local herbal tea served at most hotels and restaurants.
  • Watch your step While it's tempting to walk along the walls of ancient ruins, keep in mind that the stones have loosened over the last several hundred years. Your balancing act could damage their well-crafted masonry—not to mention your own body.  
  • Rely on bottled water Tap water here is not safe to drink. Instead, quench your thirst with bottled water.

How To Save Money in Cusco

  • Purchase a Boleto Turístico This pass grants access to 16 attractions in Cusco, some of which only accept this ticket in lieu of an entrance fee. A Boleto Turistico costs 130 PEN (roughly $47.50 USD); however, there is also the option of buying boleto parcial (partial ticket), which allows access to fewer sites for half the cost.
  • Rely on your own two feet The best way to take in this city is on foot, which so happens to be the most affordable way to get around.
  • Arrive in Spring You'll find much better hotel rates between late September and November, after the popular winter months.


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