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Another experience to make tourism in Cusco City

12 July 2013

In southern valley of Cusco called Collasuyo, which is a long way to the Altiplano and Lake Titicaca. In this valley, wide and crossed by the Urubamba river and the railroad tracks leading to Puno, there are a number of sites marked places and colorful personality. There is everything: Saylla which sells typical dish of fried pork or Huasao village of witches, land or Huaro Oropesa bread, ... endless topics for everyone and to enjoy a different experience navel of the world. The experience of discovering places that are often outside the conventional tourist circuit.

The output of Cusco is marked by two important churches, San Sebastian and San Jeronimo, located near the town of the same name. The first, very similar to the Cathedral of Cusco, was founded in 1560 as a parish of Indians and its interior contains beautiful paintings of the Cuzco School. The second, also the seventeenth century, has seven baroque altars inside and is adjacent to a cross with the support with various symbolic and zoomorphic petroglyphs. Leaving St. Jerome enters the south valley, in particular Saylla city, located 15 kilometers from Cusco and known locally as the people of pork. Everything smells like pork because in every corner there places to eat tocto, fried pork known as “chicharron”.

Huasao is the city of sorcerers, where a greater number of healers, shamans are concentrated around the department. Its narrow streets are full of coca leaves warnings readings sheets if you want to know your future, payments to the Pachamama, flower baths and spiritual cleansing coke. Sometimes the prices are fixed and sometimes, depending on the visitor, the curator and the required service is negotiated on the spot. There are serious people and talkative people, but so is ahun. ahun but so is a good choice for more Cusco, customs, dishes, etc. and above all its people who are always friendly and cheerful.


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