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Choquequirao: A jewel ruins of the incas into the clouds and forest

03 August 2015

Spectacular, distant, lonely and forgotten, Choquequirao (3.085 f) operates on top of almost impregnated at mountain of La Convención, province in Cusco.


Actually the trail is excellent, being newly built and maintained by the INC, although there is a danger of landslides on the trail. It is possible to walk it solo, without a guide or horses, but this is not recommended for safety reasons. Adding a horse obviously lightens your backpack and adding a guide will get you more information about the route and Choquequirao itself. There have been reports of terrorist attacks on the trail, although these are extremely unusual. This is another reason it is best to go with a local guide.


This place was the last bastion of the resistance during 40 years where the sons of these people, were hosted into these walls. After the defeat of Manco Inca, the last rebels built this place to reborn the Inca culture and using it as vivarium with rooms, temples, two-tier fountain systems, canals, aqueducts and its lovely terraces "upholstered" with profuse vegetation. That is the reason why you need to visit Choquequirao, a place that is worth the effort.


You can help overcome this stumbling block by going directly to Cachora to organise your Choquequirao trek, which is easy to do, will ensure you a good time with our recommended locals and will save you considerable money over the headline price quoted by Peru Land


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