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Corpus Christi 2014 in Cusco

17 June 2014

The Corpus Christi in Cusco is the more important festival of Cusco. Although this date always be thursday. The festival begins one day before with the traditionals "Entrances". 


Wednesday (day before the Corpus Christi) it will performed the "entrance" of the pictures. Fifteen saints and virgins, organized in several processions, came it from different places to Cathedral of Cusco, where it will do the "Greeting" to the Christ body.


These pictures are deposited into the Cathedral until the next day, for the main procession of thursday. On these "Entrances of the Saints", two of these are spectacular on the "Road", because San Sebastian and San Jeronimo do everything to get to the Cathedral. At morning in the first hours, part of the picture of San Jeronimo arrives since district of the same name (to 10 km from main square) and the district of San Sebastian do the same route with their saint (to 5 Km, from Main Square).


The procession of the main day occurs around 11:00 at morning on Main Square. The people arrives to see the saints and after the procession, the saints come back to the cathedral and local communities meets and talks about the troubles of their communities.

During this day eats the typical dish call "Chiriuchu", beer and Chicha (typical drink) and bread.


After seven days (the octave), the saints are out again in procession before to return to their origin places, where remain it for the rest of the year.


Saint (all names in spanish)

  • San Antonio de la parroquia de San Cristóbal
  • San Jerónimo de la parroquia del distrito de San Jerónimo
  • San Cristóbal de la parroquia de San Cristóbal
  • San Sebastián de la parroquia del distrito de San Sebastián
  • Santa Bárbara de la parroquia del distrito de Poroy
  • Santa Ana de la parroquia de Santa Ana
  • Santiago Apóstol de la parroquia de Santiago
  •  San Blas de la parroquia de San Blas
  • San Pedro de la parroquia de San Pedro
  • San José de la parroquia de Belén
  • Virgen de la Natividad de la parroquia de Almudena
  • Virgen de los Remedios de la iglesia de Santa Catalina
  • Virgen Purificada de la parroquia de San Pedro
  • Virgen de Belén de la parroquia de Belén
  • Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepción llamada también "La Linda" de la Catedral.
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