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El País magazine proposed one day to know inca city Cusco

08 August 2013

The Spanish newspaper designed a tour of impressive buildings, famous neighborhoods and delicious restaurants in the Imperial City "Previous step towards Machu Picchu, Cusco vibrates through tourism. Traveler The Captive City for its exquisite colonial legacy, good hotels, hostels and restaurants affordable says: "El Pais magazine".
"Cusco is the navel of the world", says the website the traveler, the Spanish newspaper "El Pais". The section presents a tour of the center of our Imperial City, a place that, as reported, "offers a fascinating world to unveil".

"El País" proposes to start your day with a good breakfast. Although it states that there are "countless delicious options," recommends visiting the Bohemian Café ayllu classic or one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, La Cicciolina.
Then, it's time to visit the picturesque neighborhood of San Blas, rather than craftsmen also concentrates many bars and restaurants. There are artists' studios as Edilberto Mérida, Antonio Olave, among others.


The tour continues with a visit by the cathedral of Cusco, which means described as "impressive. Then it's time for lunch and what better to do with a good ceviche or tiradito. "Go eat at Mercado de San Pedro" recommends The Traveler, which also advises that those with "sophisticated palate", is given a tour of the most gourmet Limo.
The walk through the impressive Sacsayhuaman can not miss on a visit to Cusco. "El País" advised to go after the forest of Santa Ana
Furthermore, the paper recommends the night in places like Kuntur Wasi House of San Blas, the Hotel Children, Casa Cartagena or the Hotel Monasterio, among others.
"The day could not end without a dose of euphoria bottled cocktail made. The Museum of Pisco is actually a bar where great mixes prepared with grape distillate proud to both Peruvian "continues" The Country ". The recommended daily end the day trying there very juicy hamburger alpaca.

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