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Holy week (Easter) in Cusco City from 21th to 27th on March 2016

25 February 2016

The week stars when the Temblores Lord go out from Cusco cathedral at 21th Monday, when the Catholic syncretism - Andean brings about 80 thousand devotees to receive the blessing of the Lord of the Earthquakes, Patron Jury considered the city. The devotion of the people of Cusco shown in this religious celebration which is transmitted by various local media.

On Palm Sunday the traditional blessing of Palms, Procession and Mass at the Cathedral Basilica in is from 9am.

Unlike other Easter celebrations in Cusco whose central day on Easter Monday because on that date in a procession Pattern Jury of Cusco, the Lord of the Earthquakes. The Archbishop of the city offers Communion Mass in the Cathedral, from 8 am Masses are held every hour until 12 pm in honor of the image.

The Friday's main scenario the Plaza San Francisco where the ordeal to the Cruz del Papa located in Saqsaywaman, organized by the Convento de San Francisco starts. In parallel to the initially mentioned square holds the Hampi Rantikuy or exhibition of medicinal plants being sold by farmers from distant places, highlights buying crossings thorns are grown naturally, these crosses are placed behind the doors cusqueños homes to protect them from evil.


Lord of the Earthquakes, Cusco PATROL JURY.

Before replication tremors occurred on August 31, 1650 the Incas took many pictures so that the movements do not continue, however was when they took the image of Santo Cristo de la Buena Muerte resting in the Chapel of Triumph movements seismic calmed, thus was born the devotion is denominated in Pattern Jury of Cusco image, after that he was transferred to the Cathedral of Cusco, it is believed that the smoke from the candles, tapers and the same powder made the image takes color black like the Indians and mestizos.

Gastronomy - 12 dishes

Is very traditional families prepare 12 dishes for the traditional Good Friday; after the fast families gather at a luncheon in commemorating these celebrations, it said that the 12 dishes are representing the 12 apostles.

The most common dishes are the lawa of maize (corn chowder) mullet soup, soup of shrimp, sauteed with cod, trout sweaty, rice with seafood; on the part of the sweets are very traditional stewed fruit, rice pudding, pies, countesses, the sighs, the bread and crusty bread cake among others.

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