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Illapani waterfalls anothert travel option in Cusco

15 April 2016

The Illapani Waterfall is a natural resource that visitors can find in Echarate district in the province of La Convencion in the region of Cusco. Its waters through the course of the Urubamba River are formed.

This waterfall is the most popular in the province of La Convencion and in fact is formed by a group of rainfall that accompany a village in a charming vegetation stage.

Its popularity has made the respective authorities take charge of its maintenance, which currently enjoys good condition.

To access the Illapani waterfall, visitors must first go to Quillabamba Quillabamba, you can take a taxi, which takes visitors to the site. For those who are more adventurous and like to enjoy the charms of nature, and physical activity, you are the option to continue the journey on foot. The trekking route to the waterfall, can be completed in just 4 hours.

The best season to visit this waterfall of the Convention, is between the months of April through December. It is recommended that the visits made during the morning hours. Keep in mind that not in the same resource, some tourism infrastructure, and the nearest is in the district of Echarate.


Here is a instructional video from this route:


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