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Machu Picchu: inhabitants of the past

17 March 2015

We can imagine how Machu Picchu was at its best during Inca times but the truth is another, and it may only be a fleeting illusion; and this because there is no written legacy of the Incas. It is therefore tempting to imagine how the days passed in this marvelous wonder during the apogee Inca and who were those who inhabited it.

We could have the audacity to fantasize a bit and put together a scenario in Machu Picchu with people walking on the streets and plazas, seated or performing ceremonies using pots, wearing their ornaments, letting life pass under the indomitable Inti.

Archaeology and ethnohistory help answer these and other questions, but certainly have limitations. Who lived in Machu Picchu and what they did? If the hypothesis that it was the mausoleum of Pachacuteq Inca Yupanqui is valid, it pays to know how it could be that place in such conditions.

El mausoleo del Inca estaba rodeado de templos, altares y otros espacios donde vivían la coya, jefe de la panaca "familia" de Pachacuteq, sus servidores y los amautas que mantenían el culto, lejos del circuito regular de los caminos, en medio de un bosque de orquídeas.

If Machu Picchu was the "home" of the Inca, called Patallacta in the chronicles, must have been built during his long tenure in the early fifteenth century, about 100 years before the arrival of the Spaniards.

According to ancient stories about Machu Picchu say, those residences were used by the Incas themselves to distraction and relaxation while living.

The Inca citadel Machu Picchu was endowed with all the resources necessary to operate without relying on outside their own fields, cattle, workshops and more.

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