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Museo Inkariy: A true precolombian museum in Cusco city

26 May 2015

The Inkariy Museum is a private initiative of the Merida family, that great name he had in Cusco Don Edilberto Mérida (1927-2009), named Live Nation Cultural Heritage in 2002 and awarded the Order "El Sol del Peru" in 2007 , its largest representative.

Don Edilberto was the creator, with clay figures, a style that was called "Indian expressionism" and it became one of our greatest artists of the twentieth century. So strong was his impression that his son Edgar and grandchildren followed suit and never dissociated art, which also highlighted.

They settled in Lima, where they developed his career with success and recognition, but the love for their roots and their homeland was stronger and some years ago decided to return to Cusco, but not only to live but to create culture, like their ancestors, knowledge development.

So they opened last year Inkariy Museum. But, oh sacrilege, they declined to only Inca space but one that meant a journey through the major civilizations of our pre-Columbian past. The idea is great, but has not been welcomed by some Incas, for whom there is only the Inca. This, and the symbol that distinguishes the place is not a 'Cusco' deity has brought problems, judgments involved, to Mérida.

This deity is 11 meters and perhaps breaks the harmony of the Sacred Valley, but this is a correctable detail that should not mean the closure of a place, a 100% private initiative which is invaluable to our long forgotten culture.

But back to the good stuff: The museum is divided into eight rooms, which have been recreated iconic scenes of life in Caral (a musical scene), Chavin (the worship of the deities of Monolithic Lanzon), Moche (the work of their goldsmiths), Paracas (the burial of the dead), Wari (his warrior aspect), Nazca (his famous lines) and Inca (Cusco cut). The scenes are so realistic that you feel, really, that part of those rites.

The Merida have worked very historical accuracy: its main adviser is the archaeologist Bruno Alva. Not only that, his museology is modern, clear and very educational and away from all earthquakes clichés that abound in the many museums that have bad.

Inkariy also want to become a cultural center, where parallel activities such as conferences, discussions, concerts, book presentations and more... all at zero cost to the state to develop.

The museum is not yet self-sustaining - about 100 visits per day, and today, in its best days, 50 people come be needed - and is subsidized by the Merida family, who have sold everything they have to move forward with your project.

The myth of Inkariy says that sooner or later this man will return to bring order to the chaotic world. For now, the Mérida only ask to be left work. With knowledgeable citizens and lovers of their past and their culture, chaos will be over.

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