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Qhapaq —an opens its doors in Cusco for tourism

01 September 2015

Cusco, domestic and foreign tourists can now travel the Qhapaq Ñan, the network of Inca roads Tahuantinsuyo, for the enhancement that runs on a paved fine 5-6 meters wide which is very close to the city of Cusco a few kilometers in the district of Ccorca.

In the first leg of journey to Kuntisuyu, known as the Route of fish or marine resources that leads to the Inca port Chala, Arequipa, it bears the name Escalerayoq that besides the road, awaits a small lagoon and enjoying a day radiant sun typical of the era.

The coordinator of the Qhapaq Ñan Decentralized Cultural Department of Cusco (CDR), Arminda Gibaja Oviedo said about the feats that are being made to rescue our culture and influx of interested visitors, who will be in the future.

Arminda Gibaja project showed that this path identification, registration, archaeological research, the enhancement and social use, has considerable progress, thanks to the contribution of the municipality of Ccorcca.

Hogan is with two kilometers of paved fine that are part of some 320 kilometers traveled by chaskis historically or Inca messengers, that in two to three days managed to bring marine resources to the Inca nobility. For the conservation of marine algae products were used.

For this purpose the government allocated a budget of half soles and 8 million, but in Cusco, not only for this section if no other that connect the four own, is has one million 600,000 soles.

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