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Tambopata y Manu narutal magic reserves from Perú

12 August 2013

Several families, near Puerto Maldonado and along the Tambopata River, we offer great nature stories in the woods.


In the end, what you like is a good story, and in the jungle you always find with many of them. In these stories come together myths and legends, stories of adventurers, entrepreneurs and travelers tales beings beyond their reality. The forest and its people are generous in narratives that make any experience, however trivial it may seem, end up becoming a unique experience.

Near Puerto Maldonado there are 16 different initiatives that make up the Tambopata Ecotourism Corridor. A part of them is over 13 miles in the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve, just 20 minutes from the main square of the city. Others, however, will come sailing the river. All have been raised through the efforts of individuals and families who imagined a forest without predators or informal miners, a jungle where the macaws continue flying, where tapirs and peccaries walking trails and quiet for their flowers where we continue to offer color. And they succeeded.


The diversity of these experiences is the diversity of the Amazon forest. Wherever you walk always find a flower, a tree, a different animal. In the ecovillage Kapievi Zlatar family can do yoga, eat vegetarian home cooking, massages or introduce you to the world of permaculture.

In Parayso, the family has raised about Yábar Balarezo bungalows overlooking the river and is surrounded by fruit trees and palms. You can lie down on deck to hear their stories about the tour they did for the forests of Cusco and Madre de Dios looking for a place to live.

The family Zambrano, Homet Kerenda shelter, got a spot almost dead on surviving a few head of cattle. After 20 years of work and passion, is now a lush jungle where monkeys play in the vines and branches of trees. As do animals recovering at the Rehabilitation Centre and Wildlife Conservation directing the Salinas family. A place where animals are collected from illegal wildlife traffic to then to repopulate the forests and jungles.

Upstream is Ethnobotanical Center Ñape traditional medicine, working with Rainforest Expeditions lodges, the lodge The Cat and his magical waterfall or Castañal, Valera family, where the traveler enters the fantastic world of these gigantic trees which only live in the tri-border of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

Many of these initiatives combine their own experiences with accommodation, food and visits to the main attractions of the place, such as lakes, licks or day trips and night looking animals in the jungle. They may be day trips or multi-day packages in one of those places or combining several of the initiatives.

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