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The beauty of Cusco main square

09 July 2013

Represents a historical Cusco Andean known to all the people of the time as the square Huacaypata meaning "Crying Square" was one of the most important sites for the Incas who performed the Inti Raymi which means "Festival of the Sun" was also the fairs and celebrations religious center of the Inca army victories, now transformed into the administrative, religious and culture of the capital of the empire. Today we find the main square surrounded by restaurants tourist shops, jewelry shops and travel agendas.

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City Tour: An afternoon to getting to know the Imperial City

Cusco, one of the most touristic cities of South America, was the capital of the Inca Empire, an important cultural center of the Andes, Navel of the World, cultural center and axis of the Inca religious cult, and nowadays Archaeological Capital of America and Cultural Heritage of Humanity; many attractions to describe and perhaps little time to getting to ...
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