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The biggest route in the world Inca Trail

12 November 2013

If you want to pass all your vacations in Cusco, you must be to know one the best trails in the world, particularity know for mixed the jungle and inca ruins. Also have it a small local village that sell its products and many times you interchange something fo its arts. For the ultimate outdoor adventure, head to Peru and tackle the Inca Trail.

And this route have many option to see or hike, 'cause you'll enter to anciente path in different ways that connect with new seven wonder calls Machu Picchu. 

The Inca Trail hike

As we said, Inca Trail is a fantastic adventure that any traveller in Peru should want to take on. The trek along the Inca Trail is amazing, leading you through swathes of jungle, cloud forest and up some incredible high mountain passes. On the trek you’ll pass various Inca ruins, some of which are more complete than others. There are small outposts that are little more than rubble, as well as entire towns that, while ruined, can still be appreciated.
Among the most impressive are Winay Wayna, a town close to Machu Picchu, and Sayacmarca, a settlement located on a promontory over a steep drop that’s incredibly peaceful and beautiful.

The basic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Well, if you’ve never looked the Inca Trail before, here are a few basics tips that you need to know before you embark on the trek. For that we recommended some tips to enjoy so much this Route:
Firstly, you need to allow around four days for the walk itself and be prepared for some tough stretches, particularly when you cross Dead Woman’s Pass - the highest point on the trek.
Secondly, the entire hike is over 2,500 m above sea level, so you need to allow some time before setting off to acclimatise. The best way to do this is to spend some time in Cusco - a former Inca city that was taken over by the Spanish during the conquest of the region.
You’ll also want to have ample time to explore Machu Picchu when you arrive. Most Inca Trail tours allow you to wander around the site when you reach it after your trek and then bring you back early the following morning to see a bit more of it.

Before and after the hike

When you come for this kind of route or trail, you need to spend a few days more in Cusco which is home to its own Inca sites, as well as plenty of colonial buildings. One of the best places to visit during your time here is just outside Cusco - Sacsayhuamen, a vast Inca fort.
This is where you can get your first glimpse of the Inca’s incredible architecture, as the remaining walls here are constructed from huge stone blocks that are perfectly carved to fit together. Some of the walls that protect the terraced fortress are up to 5 m high and there are sections up to 300 m long.
Another place that you can visit before you stride out on the Inca Trail is Pisac - a village in the Sacred Valley. This too has an Inca connection in the form of ruins that sit atop a hill just above the settlement. The best time to come here is on a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday, as this is when a local market is held where you can buy Peruvian handicrafts as well as locally produced food.

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