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Location: To 6,350 m.a.s.l. The sanctuary of Coyllur Riti this located 4,700 m.a.s.l  


Wheater: The temperature in the day is from 11 to 13 centigrade grades and at night it descends from 4 to 10 centigrade grades in June and July.


In spite of many centuries of western cultural imposition, the peasants, shepherds, men and simple women of the rural areas of the Peru have   maintained several ancestral elements. One of the areas that have experienced few changes is exactly the Andean communities that are located in the mountain ranges of the Andes. The Ausangate is the most representative mountain in the Andes of Cusco. It conforms a great one solid to diverse summits that surround their main summit located 6,372 m.a.s.l. The lagoons, extensive high plains and the stone forests transform totally to the area into an isolated lunar paradise ofar away of the modernity.

An indescribable adventure results to walk for the vicinity of the Ausangate. It is frequent to meet with rock needles that rise to more than five thousand meters high and also with languages of ice that fall in a vertiginous way and they form glacial lagoons.

The eighty kilometers that comprehends the turn to the Ausangate takes six days and one can make walking or to ride  horse. The circuit has a series of attractiveness that transform it into one of the tourist areas of more potential for the trekking and hicking in Peru. The beautiful snowy mountains, the turquoise glacial lagoons, the caverns of ice and the thermal waters sink to the possibility of alternating with nice and kind peasants of small villages.

It is necessary to have a previous and appropriate acclimatization in the city of the Cusco, because people walk an average of four to five daily hours and so much in Upis, camp of the first day, like in Pacchanta, when concluding, it is possible to enjoy some  thermal waters.   

Submerged to more than 40 grades of temperature one can enjoy a heat comfortable in a very cold external atmosphere that reaches those five centigrade grades when falling the afternoon.

Due to being isolated of the city it is that it maintains an atmosphere of more authenticity on the Andean customs. In no one place of Cusco like in this region, we can find typical suits beautiful and colorings. The traditional ponchos and chullos, as well as the sophisticated blankets, used in a daily way, they become a great attractiveness. Big part of the population is Quechua speaking and only understands a little bit of Spanish.


Flora and Fauna  

The agriculture is intensive and concentrates on the production of a huge variety of tubers, among those that highlight the goose and the potatoe. Numerous llamas and alpacas live along the whole route, printing a singular touch in the landscape villager.

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