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Chinchero / Maras / Moray


Located to 28 kilometers of Cusco and it is surrounded by the beautiful snow chain of mountains of Chicón and Verónica. It is a very charming town, due to their Hispanic constructions and to the fact of having been an important agricultural center during the Tawantinsuyo. In their square the stone walls are still appreciated with trapezoidal niches that serve as mark for the traditional Sunday market, where it is still practiced the exchange or exchange (trueque). As anecdotic fact, the women of Chinchero comb their hair with numerous braids. The area of the Mirador is recommended for the practice of wing delta and parapente.  




It is to 47 kilometers of Cusco. In Moray one can see the hothouse or agricultural Inca laboratory, formed by four amphitheaters or platforms of superimposed concentric circular stones and of an approximate depth 150 meters, by way of rings that gets wider while ascend. In the place Incas used to adapt the plants to new ecosystems. There is who say that these constructions can have been good as amphitheater for civic-religious ceremonies and not only for agricultural ends.  



It is located to 7 kilometers of Moray and 3,380 m.a.s.l; historically founded the year of 1,556 for the "encomendero" Captain Pedro Ortiz de Orué, like part of the reductions imposed by the Viceroy Francisco from Toledo. 

Maras has mines of salt, which were already exploited from the Incan times like medium of economic exchange and of values. Maras is a small town, by way of scale model of a city in miniature. From Maras is easy to visit the mines of salt for an on the way to horseshoe, where it is common to find assemiles that load the sacks of the extracted salt of the natural salines.  

The Colonial Temple of Chinchero was built the year of 1607, seated on Inca walls, the prehispanic remains have been transmuted in an atrium and they maintain their own architectural characteristics. 

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