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Cusco City

Location: South East of Perú

Population: 304 152 inhabitants.

Extention: Departamental: 76,329 kilómetros

City: 617 km²

Altitude: 3 365 m.a.s.l

Latitude: 13° 30' 45"

Longitude: 71° 58' 33". Five hours of western longitude from the Greenwich meridian.

Temperature: The annual average in the city is among 10.3° to 11.3° Celsius (50.54° to 52.34° Fahrenheit). During the month of June, the month with more intensity of cold in Cusco, the temperature can fall up to 0 ºC, although its average is of 5° and 7°C (23° and 19.4°F)  

Area: 617 km²


Acces and transportation-Communication roads:  


The terrestrial access to Cusco is given from three different roads:

Lima - Arequipa - Juliaca - Cusco. 

Lima - Nazca - Puquio - Chalhuanca - Abancay - Cusco. 

Lima - Huancayo - Ayacucho - Abancay - Cusco. 

Distances between Cusco to other departments:

Cusco to Lima: 1 153 km. 

Cusco to Ayacucho: 597 km. 

Cusco to Abancay: 198 km. 

Cusco to Arequipa: 623 km. 

Cusco to Puno: 389 km.

Acces by Air

The city of Cusco has an airport, the International Airport Velasco Astete that offers regular national and international flights and that it turns out to be a point of visitors' of diverse points of the country encounter and of the world.


Flights coming from Arequipa daily landed in Cusco; Puerto Maldonado, La Paz - Bolivia, the airport offers the service of taxis and buses.



The South railroad is very used for Cusco citizens and tourists; this railway unites Cusco with Arequipa and Puno. Also, there are trains that goes to Machu Picchu every day and with different prices: there are around 4 classes for different trip options.


Cusco City

Due to their immemorial and countless historical, archaeological attractiveness, folkloric, artistic and natural, and because of the cultural legacy of the Inca civilization, the department of the Cusco is without a doubt one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Peru and one of the most important of the world.

Cusco or Qosqo is denominated as "The Archaeological Capital of America" and it was considered by the UNESCO like “Humanity’s Historical Patrimony" for being a city where is alive history in each one of their streets and monumental architectural constructions.

 The sacred city of Cusco was the capital city of the most advanced civilization that has existed in South America: The Inca’s Empire of the Tawantinsuyo; centuries later was  the main encounter center and confrontation among the Andean and Hispanic cultures, in a constant fight that’s left a great wealth of traditions coming from the crash of these two cultures. This last characteristic has allowed to the region to maintain alive and strong its ancestral traditions and guiding them with pride to the encounter of the modernity.

When someone speaks about Peru in any part of the world it is related immediately with Cusco and with the imposing citadel of Machu Picchu, the humanity's declared Cultural Patrimony for UNESCO. However, the department of Cusco is much more than that. Just mentioning some marvels that that the department of Cusco offers to the visitors we could mention to The Sacred Valley of the Incas and their wonderful one and squirmed road beside the river Vilcanota through a productive valley that conserves architectural marvels in Pisaq and Ollantaytambo; we can mention the most famous route of trekking of South America the Inca or Inka Trail with final destination in the historical sanctuary of Macchu Pichhu; we should not forget to mention to one of the biggest festivities of Indian Nationalities of the world, the Qoyllur Rit'i festivitie that takes place in the sacred snow covered mountain: Ausangate.

The hospitality of the residents from Cusco is characterized to show with satisfaction the immortal wealth of their rural and citadel attractiveness, the beauty of their colorful traditional festivities and, mainly, the magic spirit that guides the vast imaginary popular as one of the constituent elements of their Andean identity.

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