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It is in the heart of the oldest forest in the world: The amazon, a territory whose age reaches the 75 million years and where a miraculous place that seems to concentrate all the forms of life of the planet, exists it is one of those scarce reservations of wild life that the scientists denominate "Mega Diversity". All the studies carried out until today demonstrate that it is the richest sector in the planet, this hallucinating paradise is in Peru and its name is Tambopata.



Tambopata is located between the departments of Cusco and Madrede Dios, about the entirety of the basin of the river Manu. It is located in Madre de Dios department.  


Altitude: It is located from the 500 m.a.s.l until the 3,500 m.a.s.l  



To arrive to the Reserved Area Tambopata-Candamo you should navigate in canoe to motor during three hours for the river Tambopata.  

To arrive to the Mountain range it is necessary to take a community or truck from Cusco to the town of Ocongate. There, following the difficult highway that arrives to Port Maldonado, then you arrive to the town of Tinqui.

By Plane from Cusco- Port Maldonado and then three hours in boat waterway in the route Port Maldonado - Tambopata. Here one has the possibility of being guided through an intercommunicated system of trails that take it until the cochas that are old arms of the river that formed beautiful little lagoons when changing their course, amid the prodigal vegetation where one will be able to marvel with the incredible variety of birds, turtles and river otters, besides the possibility of admiring in their own habitat to the gigantic black cayman.



It has a total extension of 1,478,942 hectares, where they coincide magically in a way harmonious three different ecosystems: the amazon plain, the oriental slope of the Andes and the ecosystem of pampas.  



The lodgings are rustic; it is to maintain the environment the most rustic thing possible to go with the context of ecological tourism. The housings offer the elementary services of feeding and hygiene.  



The months of May to August, with superior temperatures to the 30° C, they are the most advisable to visit Tambopata, the season of rains is from December to March, although during the whole year they are frequent the rains. The climate arrives until the 38 ºC.


Flora and Fauna  

Who visits Peru and is a lover of the nature, should not stop to visit Tambopata located incredibly to 30 minutes of flight from the city of Cusco. It possesses world records in birds and butterflies and it is known, the same as Manu, like one of the areas mith most diversity of the planet. For it numerous scientists, investigators, journalists and lovers of the nature are among their visitors. Without a doubt one of the best places to be able to enjoy Tambopata is the beautiful Lake Sandoval where daily it is possible to admire and to the river wolves fishing or rollicking among them.  

Each one of the housings located in the area of Tambopata has organized a series of programs that include walks, observation of birds and animals, besides giving to know the visitors the varied flora. During the walks, among the leafy forests of enormous trees, the experts demonstrate the wealth of the area and in many opportunities mammals like the lazy bear, tigrillos and sachavacas can be appreciated, among others. The most intense adventure is to observe in the night from the small canoes to the caymen.


Sandoval Lake  

 Approximately at half hour of sailing from Puerto Maldonado, you descend in one of the banks to walk of more than half hour and you can appreciate in the road the browser's old craft Fitzcarraldo. Then among the leafy forest the lake is presented with its waters of an intense blue that invites us to give a refreshing bathroom and then to go for a walk in canoe to admire all its beauty. Near the banks, with a lot of easiness the great variety of birds is appreciated. 

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