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Urubamba / Yucay

Urubamba is to 78 kilometers of Cusco, via Pisaq, and to 57 kilometers, taking the highway of Chinchero. It is a fertile and beautiful valley that produces corn, potatoes and fruits. It is also known as: the "Heart of the Sacred Valley", the "Pearl of the Vilcanota" and the "Archaeological Capital of the Peru", because it comprehends the main archaeological areas of Cusco, included Machu Picchu. It has a hotel infrastructure of good category. From Urubamba it is possible to carry out trips toward the snowy of Lump, as well as toward the forest. It is also an appropriate place for the practice of the adventure tourism.  

Of temperate and welcoming climate, located regarding the city from the Cusco to a distance of 76.20 Km. Via Pisaq and 60 Km. via Chinchero and to 2,871 m.a.s.l.  


Mountain Climbing  

The snow mountains located in the geographical environment of Urubamba are object of admiration and are always visited by numerous expeditions for the practice of the "andinismo" (mountain climbing in the Andes) and trekking; the higer grounda of the mountain range of Urubamba: they are Verónica or Welkey Wilca (5 750 meters), Sahuasiray (5 720 meters) and Lump (5 500 meters)  


Canotaje and fishing  

Sport practiced by national tourists and foreigners in the river Vilcanota or "Wilcamayu" -  sacred river, in the counties of Calca and Urubamba. This activity can be carried out in the river Urubamba or Vilcanota, by means of light crafts or rubber boats. The most frequent routes are:

Huambutio - Pisaq - Calca - Urubamba (Huarán).

Ollantaytambo - Chilca.



 Historical and colonial district located at a distance of 71 kilometers of the city of Cusco, going by the road of Pisaq. The district of Yucay, to 48 kilometers of Cusco, is one of the  most beautiful places in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, for its climate, pleasing landscapes and impressive "andenerías". It was center of agricultural production and place of rest of the Inca.   


Templo Santiago Apostol de Yucay  

Built the year 1650 for the priest Juan Arias de la Lira and the Bishop Manuel of Mollinedo, inside the temple we can find valuable art jewels, as imagery canvases of Santiago Apostle, the biggest altar, it is taken a bath in "pan de oro" with veneer of silver, it possesses six lateral altars.  


Natural Reservation of Yanacocha  

The walk begins in the house country of Huayoqhari, to climb the mountain lasts around four hours. You arrive to a gulch where they are two beautiful lagoons: "Yanaqocha and Q'elloqocha" surrounded of leafy native vegetation, which forms a wonderful landscape. 

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